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Getting a driver’s license costs an average of €3,060

July 21, 2023

What does getting a driver’s license cost on average?

For many people, obtaining a driver’s license is an important milestone in their lives and offers a sense of freedom and independence. That may cost something, you might say. But in the Netherlands in 2023 you have to dig deep into your pockets for that coveted pink badge. In recent years the cost has steadily increased, so that now you have to dock more than 3,000 euros on average to obtain a driver’s license. CBR data show that.


The Central Bureau of Driving Licenses conducted a survey in May of 3,100 Dutch people who recently obtained their driver’s licenses. On average, they lost 3,060 euros. Most of the driver’s license cost, of course, goes toward driver’s education. The average number of hours of driving lessons is 43, the same as in the previous CBR survey in 2021.

Costs at a glance

80% of candidates pay a lesson price per hour between 45 euros and 61 euros. The theory exam has a fixed price of 41 euros at the CBR in 2023. The Health Declaration also costs 41 euros. For the practical exam at the CBR in 2023, you will pay 125.75 euros.

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