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Germany cuts excise duty on fuel

March 25, 2022

Reduction of excise duty

The Dutch government recently announced that it will lower the excise duty on fuel as of 1 April . Germany does the same, but with a higher amount per litre. The excise duty on petrol in Germany will fall by as much as 30 cents per liter and on diesel by 14 cents. Compared to the Netherlands: as of April 1, a reduction of 17 cents on petrol and 11 cents on diesel will apply. That while the excise duty in Germany was already lower.

It is not yet clear when the German government will implement the reduction. It does, however, announce that it concerns a temporary reduction of three months.


Belgium has now also implemented a reduction in excise duty on fuel , which means that the difference with our neighboring countries is extra large until 1 April. This makes it worthwhile for Dutch people who live near the border to refuel across the border.

Surprisingly – or not – in the Netherlands, even with the reduction of excise duties, we are still one of the most expensive countries in the world in terms of fuel prices.

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