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Ford Transit Custom MS-RT: you want that one, right?

February 13, 2024

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT

Ford Pro designed and developed the new MS-RT variant of the Transit Custom in close cooperation with the specialists at MS-RT – a branch of Ford’s rally partner M-Sport. The Transit Custom MS-RT offers a combination of striking, motorsports-inspired looks, enhanced handling and excellent cargo capacity.

Statement for business

“It is great that we can add MS-RT models to the Ford Pro commercial vehicle range. Dealers can now offer a distinctive choice to customers who need a commercial vehicle and in doing so also want to make a statement about their business,” said Hans Schep, general manager of Ford Pro Europe. “More and more customers want a commercial vehicle for their work that also suits their lifestyle in their leisure time. The new Transit Custom MS-RT is the perfect answer to that desire.”

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT

The Ford Transit Custom MS-RT features a motorsports-inspired exterior, exclusive interior equipment and offers diesel, plug-in hybrid (gasoline) and all-electric powertrain options. The latest Transit Custom MS-RT is designed for higher productivity and increased payload. The van has cargo space up to 6.8 cubic meters, a net payload of up to 1,124 kilograms and now drives even more pleasantly.


The Ford Transit Custom MS-RT features an all-new, aerodynamic front bumper with integrated spoiler, sporty sills that visually lower the van and a similarly all-new, sporty rear bumper with integrated diffuser. The Transit Custom MS-RT is further equipped with a motorsport-inspired rear spoiler. It was developed with advanced computer simulations to optimize air conduction and also comes in a split variant for vans with rear doors. The electric versions feature an additional full-width LED light strip between the headlights.

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT 2024

Goodyear Eagle Sport

The widened wheel arches accommodate exclusive anthracite-colored 19-inch rims that are half an inch wider than those on the Transit Custom Sport. They reduce unsprung weight by more than a kilogram per wheel and increase track width by more than five centimeters over the standard Transit Custom. Goodyear Eagle Sport commercial vehicle tires in size 235/45 R19, combined with the independent rear suspension of the Transit Custom’s all-new platform, further improve grip and stability while providing comfort.

Also as E-Transit Custom MS-RT

Derived from the latest generation of the Transit Custom, the Ford Transit Custom MS-RT combines brutal visual appeal with technical upgrades. The electric-powered E-Transit Custom MS-RT is available with an electric motor rated at 210 kW (286 hp), making it the most powerful Transit Custom production version ever. To reduce energy consumption, the power is 160 kW in Normal driving mode and 100 kW in Eco mode.

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT 2024

Diesel can also

The 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine with 125 kW (170 hp) of power is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and is available with both front- and all-wheel drive. The diesel engine also comes with 110 kW (150 hp); it drives the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

Or you choose a PHEV

The plug-in hybrid Transit Custom is powered by a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with 171 kW (233 hp) combined with an electric motor and an 11.8 kWh battery.

“Whatever powertrain option you choose, you can see MS-RT’s DNA in everything about this Transit Custom. It offers customers not only the productivity they need, but also the excitement they seek,” Schep said.

Eco-leather and suede

The stylish and comfortable interior features all-new ergonomically-shaped front seats that offer additional lateral support. They are upholstered in eco-leather and suede with MS-RT logos and blue stitching. The vans are equipped with a driver’s seat and a passenger bench. The double cab versions offer two front seats and three rear seats with the same upholstery. A beautifully designed sports steering wheel with blue 12-hour markings and ditto stitching is standard in both versions.

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT 2024

Yellow Green and MS-RT Blue

A range of distinctive MS-RT colors will be available from launch, including Yellow Green and MS-RT Blue. Gloss black mirror caps and door handles are standard. All MS-RT models feature MS-RT Blue painted calipers, a striking new detail for the Transit Custom. Also standard features include dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control, a digital rearview camera, front and rear parking assist, cruise control and Intelligent Speed Limiter.

About MS-RT

MS-RT stands for M-Sport Road Technology and was born in 2015 from a partnership between founder Edward Davies and M-Sport. M-Sport has a rich history of cooperation with Ford in developing and building rally cars, such as the current Ford Puma Rally, and also prepares cars for Global Rallycross and GT3 racing. MS-RT’s team of specialists uses the DNA of M-Sport’s motorsports programs to add a unique sporting character to cars for public roads. MS-RT has also developed customized versions of the earlier-generation Transit Custom, Transit Connect and Ranger. The new partnership builds on this heritage.


The Transit Custom MS-RT is offered through Transit Centers in the Netherlands. The cars will be completed and finished in a special new factory on Ford’s premises in Dagenham, UK. Deliveries will begin in mid-2024. Prices start at 46,320 for the Custom MS-RT diesel version with 150 hp. The E-Transit Custom MS-RT can be ordered starting at 60,720 euros. 

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT 2024

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT 2024

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT 2024

Ford Transit Custom MS-RT 2024