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Ford launches seven new electric models

March 18, 2022

Model e and Ford pro

Ford recently announced that all electric model activities will be brought into a standalone division. This division is called ‘Model e’. For example, the brand wants to accelerate the development of Ford EVs so that they can appear on the market earlier. Ford’s commercial vehicle division is called Ford Pro. Both branches are now working together to accelerate the transition to electric driving.

Ford Puma

Ford wants to sell at least 600,000 electric cars per year by 2026, which is why it is presenting seven new models. The electric Ford Puma is the most concrete of that series. In 2024, the car should be on the market alongside the Mach-E .

Two new models

Earlier than the new Puma, an all-electric, medium-sized, five-seat crossover will hit the market in 2023. It will be built just across the border in Cologne, Germany. Its unveiling is planned for the end of this year. Furthermore, Ford shows the first lines of a sportier Sport Crossover. This will also be built in the factory in Cologne. Ford expects production from this plant to increase to 1.2 million vehicles over a six-year period.

company cars

An acceleration in electrification is also on the horizon for commercial vehicles. For example, in two years Ford will introduce four new all-electric commercial vehicles: the Transit Courier, Tourneo Courier, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom. These will soon be recognizable by the continuous LED strip on the front. Incidentally, the electric Ford E-Transit will be on the market this year, which is available from € 48,675 .