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For your calendar: Motorcycle Day

April 3, 2024

The KNMV (Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association) created Motorcycle Day to kind of officially open the beginning of the motorcycle season. Logically, that happens in the spring and this year, 2024, it is on Sunday, April 7.

How does Motorcycle Day work?

It’s actually quite simple. You pull your motorcycle out of the garage, provided of course it is in full working order, start it and set course for one of the 20 pit stop spots. There, a cup of coffee or tea, cake, hot sandwiches and a laundry list of activities await you, such as hearing tests, old-school games or a clinic on motorcycle pushing and trial lessons. There are also routes at many pit stops for fun tours. Pit stop locations are at affiliated motorcycle clubs and riding schools. You are welcome at these locations from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in most cases. (Exceptions will be indicated in advance.)

Creating your own tour

Motorcycle Day is designed to encourage everyone to get their bikes out of winter storage. Plot your own route or use one of the routes offered by the KNMV, in cooperation with You will soon find these routes on this page. Of course, you can still modify these routes as you wish. Pit stops are the starting and ending points in these routes.