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Five most popular models of July 2022

August 2, 2022

Declining trend

The worries are far from over in automotive land. Fewer cars were sold again in July than in the same month a year ago. In the first six months of 2022, sales figures were not much better. In the period January through July, 175,755 new passenger cars were delivered, which was nearly 14,000 – or 7.3 percent – fewer than last year in the same period. The decline is still a result of the global shortage of computer chips.

Hyundai scores

Not all manufacturers seem to be suffering from chip shortages. With 1,473 registrations, Hyundai sold nearly 80% more cars last month than the same month last year. A total of 10,037 Hyundai models have already been yellow-listed this year. With the Ioniq 5, the brand seems to have gold in its hands.


Kia is again the most popular brand in the Netherlands in July, with a market share of over 13 percent. Last month, 2,954 Kias drove out of the showroom. Volkswagen is in second place, with 1,998 sold. Almost 1,000 less than the Koreans, in other words. In third place is Toyota, followed by Peugeot and the aforementioned Hyundai.

Most popular car brands  

Brand Number
1 Kia 2.954
2 Volkswagen 1.998
3 Toyota 1.865
4 Peugeot 1.541
5 Hyundai 1.473

Most popular cars July 2022

The most popular model is not a Kia Picanto or Volkswagen Polo, but comes from Peugeot. 859 copies of the Peugeot 208 received yellow license plates in July. Kia is still doing great business in this list, as it has two models in the top 5 most popular cars of July 2022. In spot two is the Picanto, with 609 units sold, and surprisingly at number three is the Ceed, with 592 units. Remarkable, because the Ceed has never been a high-flyer in the Netherlands. Volkswagen and Volvo complete the top 5 with the Polo and the XC40.

Brand Model Number
Peugeot 208 859
Kia Picanto 609
Kia Ceed 592
Volkswagen Polo 567
Volvo XC40 560

End of the diesel era

In the first seven months of this year, 20 percent of all new passenger cars will be all-electric. 37 percent of cars sold have a hybrid powertrain and over 40 percent have a traditional gasoline engine. Dieselen is a dying business in our country. Only 2 percent of cars sold in the Netherlands have a diesel engine.

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