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Fiat S 1000 RR: what a sound!

January 3, 2024

The device is a classic Fiat 600 with an engine block from the BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle. 212 hp in a 580-kg car. While the little 600 originally had a 633 cm3 four-cylinder that struggled to produce 26 horsepower. Perunovic widened the track width considerably to allow the Fiat to still wriggle somewhat steadily through the many curves under that violence of power.

You need to hear that sound

Does this serve any purpose? Not really! Is it fun? I really do, if only to hear the high-rpm climbing S 1000 RR engine reverberate against the rock walls. The gearbox including quick shifter from the BMW was retained, hence that quick shift with accompanying exhaust plop. On Youtube, we came across the video of this hill climb. Oh yes, at the top the Fiat S 1000 RR clocked 180 km/h. Don’t forget to turn on your sound.