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Fiat 500e: all the details

July 28, 2022

Range Fiat 500e

The Fiat 500e is available with a choice of two battery packs:

With the largest battery (42 kWh), the range is up to about 320 km (combined driving cycle, WLTP). In city traffic, Fiat lists a driving range of up to about 460 km. With the smaller battery pack (24 kWh), the range of the Fiat 500e is up to 190 km and in the city up to 257 km. Power comes out to 87 kW (118 hp) with the larger battery pack. With the smaller battery pack, that’s 70 kW (95 hp).

Fiat 500e price

The Fiat 500e has three body styles:

The price of the Fiat 500e starts at 28,650 euros for the 500e Hatchback. If you want the electric Fiat with electrically operated convertible top, you have to dig deeper. The Fiat 500e Cabrio comes from 31,650 euros. Then you also have the 500e 3+1 with an extra door on the right side for easier access to the back seat. The price of this extra practical version starts at 30,650 euros.

Note that this is the price of the model with the smaller battery pack. If you prefer the version with the larger battery pack then you have to consider an additional investment of 4,000 euros. Prices quoted are from July 2022.

Charging time Fiat 500e

The charging time depends on where and what you charge the car with. The Mode 3 cable allows you to charge at a public charging point. The cable reaches a charging capacity of 11 kW with which the charging time is less than three hours (up to 80% of full capacity). In one hour you can charge up to 83 km. The charging time at a fast charger with a charging capacity of 85 kW is 35 minutes (up to 80% of full capacity). This allows you to recharge 50 km of driving range in just five minutes.

Fiat 500e Cabrio

As touched on above, the all-electric Fiat 500 is also available as a Cabrio. The loading time is the same. The Cabrio also comes with a smaller or larger battery pack. The only difference is the roof. The Cabrio is equipped with a fabric roof that can be opened and closed electrically. When you open the roof, the window bars remain upright. The roof can be opened completely or partially. If you open the roof all the way, the rear glass window sinks with it. The hood rests on the trunk lid, so to speak, which minimizes rear visibility; something to keep in mind. The additional cost of the open roof is 3,000 euros (price July 2022).

Fiat 500e review

How does the Fiat 500 drive on electro-power? Our colleagues at AutoRAI.nl put it through its paces and conclude that the electric version of the Fiat 500 drives more maturely than the Fiat 500 with a hybrid gasoline engine, which they say is more of a city car after all. The all-electric Fiat 500 is better on the road, steers more delicately and feels just right at home on the highway, according to the online review of the Fiat 500e.

Fiat 500e battery cells

Fiat battery cells (battery packs) come in two types. You have a battery pack with 24 kWh and a battery pack with 42 kWh. You can read what that does to the range above under the heading ‘Range Fiat 500e’. Both the Hatchback and the Convertible and ‘3+1’ can be combined with the small and large battery pack. So do most trim levels, but the most complete trim level is often only available with the larger battery pack, such as the La Prima By Bocelli version. That version will therefore cost you a minimum of 36,950 euros (July 2022).

Fiat 500e delivery time

For the delivery time, please refer to Fiat.com. Here you’ll also find stock models at a discount, sometimes including the electric Fiat 500. You can also drive it with private lease. The price then starts at 355 euros per month based on 60 months and 7,500 km per year. In this case, the “Five Hundred” is equipped with the smaller battery (24 kWh). The private lease price of the version with the larger battery (42 kWh) starts at 415 euros per month (prices listed are from July 2022).

Fiat 500e specifications (Hatchback, 42 kWh)