Farmers create chaos on at least five highways with manure, hay and trash fires

July 27, 2022

Peasant Protest

In the central and eastern parts of the country, there were blockades of on- and off-ramps in several places this morning. In some places you couldn’t get onto the highway at all. Contractors have already cleaned up on the few slip roads, but in many places you will still have to pay close attention and queue for a long time.

Still a nuisance for a long time

In some places, heavier equipment is needed to clean up the mess or the road needs to be repaired. Especially the A1 near Apeldoorn, the farmers had a good time. Farmers left behind junk on the A1 at five locations between Amersfoort and Hengelo. On the A1 towards Apeldoorn, the delay from Deventer is one hour. On the A28, farmers dumped manure, hay or waste in five different places between Leusden and Hoogeveen. The A12 is jammed at Maarsbergen and Veenendaal. Rijkswaterstaat expects inconvenience throughout the morning. The complete list of traffic jams, can be found here.

Photos: Department of Public Works