EV maker NIO comes out with its own smartphone

September 22, 2023

NIO Phone

There have been rumors about Apple’s plans to market its own car for some time. But what if a car manufacturer enters the very world of smartphones? NIO is the very first car brand to launch its own smartphone. According to William Li, NIO’s CEO, the company has managed to develop its own phone in just one year. The NIO Phone was designed specifically with NIO customers in mind. It features a special button that allows you to control more than 30 different functions of a NIO car, such as air conditioning, massage seat and locking the car.

‘NIO Carplay’

In addition, it can be displayed wirelessly on an NIO’s infotainment screen. So it can be used as an infotainment system, similar to how you can connect an iPhone with Apple Airplay to other devices. The phone carries a price tag of about $900. The NIO Phone is officially on sale in China effective immediately, with first deliveries expected on Sept. 28, 2023. The brand has no plans to sell the phone in Europe for now.