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Driver of Golf GTI skids, gets blowout, but doesn’t give up – VIDEO

November 30, 2022

Speeds up to 225 km/h

During the chase, the police’s high-speed pursuit vehicle – an Audi A6 Avant – reached speeds of more than 225 mph. Even then, the Golf 8 GTI runs out. But the police manage to catch up to the fast hatchback. During the mad dash on the highway, the Golf GTI suffers a blowout. Regularly, pieces of tires fly off the car. The fast Volkswagen is still hard to steer but even now there is no question of giving up. The pursuit continues off the highway. Regularly the car bangs on curbs.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Running on the run

Eventually, the 245-hp Volkswagen Golf comes to a stop and the driver flees. Police do eventually manage to collar the suspect. A large bag containing hemp was found in the vehicle. A police report was filed against the suspect. The suspect must soon answer in court. Watch the video below.

Police chase – Drug smuggling suspect flees in Golf GTI