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Definitive: from 2035 sale of new cars on gasoline, diesel or LPG will be banned

October 28, 2022

A decision has been made

The European Commission, the European Parliament and member states reached a decision on Thursday evening, Oct. 27, 2022, which means the measure will actually be introduced. The measure is a response to the climate crisis. Switching completely to electric and hydrogen should reduce CO2 emissions in Europe.

Phasing out gasoline and diesel

Car manufacturers will have to work hard due to the measure, as gasoline and diesel models must be completely phased out over the next 13 years. What impact this measure will have on the residual values of existing gasoline and diesel models is not known.

Emission-free car cheaper

The European Commission, European Parliament and member states do expect this measure to make locally emission-free cars cheaper. There will also be a used market for these types of models sooner so that they become more accessible to a larger group of people.