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Consumer finds Toyota the most customer-friendly car brand in the Netherlands

May 23, 2022

Most customer-friendly company in the Netherlands

Since 2007, market research agency Marketresponse has annually investigated what is the most customer-friendly company in the Netherlands. Every large, national company in the Netherlands automatically participates in the survey. Companies cannot encourage customers to vote. The election is based on independent market research.

How does the research work?

In the survey, customers are asked for report figures for a company and a substantiation why they find a company customer-friendly. It also asks if a customer has recently recommended the company to others. In its 15th edition, MarketResponse has collected 57,212 reviews from 315 companies.


At the 15th edition of the most customer-friendly company in the Netherlands with automotive, the number of branches has been expanded to ten. The nominated car brands were BMW, Kia, Peugeot, Toyota and Volkswagen. Toyota took the win, with an average score of 7.94. Volkswagen finished in second place with a score of 7.77.


Jan-Christiaan Koenders (Managing Director Toyota Netherlands) received the award on behalf of Toyota . “A fantastic result and an honor for the entire Toyota organization in the Netherlands. I am proud of all Toyota employees, including our retail partners, and really grateful for the high appreciation from our customers.”

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