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CJIB invents new way to pay traffic fine

September 27, 2022

The government can’t make it more fun, but fortunately it can make it a little easier. A special QR code should help make paying a traffic fine easier in the future. Payment can then simply be made via iDeal.

Paying traffic fine

“At CJIB, we are constantly working to improve our services. For example by offering people who cannot pay a fine in one go the space to pay it in parts. Or by offering people who do manage to pay a fine in one go several easy options for paying,” said the spokesperson.

“To those payment options, we are now adding a new option. From now on the traffic fine will have a QR code on it. If the recipient scans it with a banking app, you can pay the fine via iDEAL. Please do check that ‘Name of recipient’ is the same as in our letter.”

iDeal logo

The QR code has the typical design you would expect from a QR code, only there is an iDeal logo in the center of the code. It’s better to avoid a fine than to pay a traffic ticket. Pay extra attention in 2023 because common traffic violations are expected to increase by about 8.6 percent in 2023. Penalty rates are always adjusted based on inflation. And that very inflation has increased sharply in the Netherlands. Too bad, because traffic fines 2022 were already particularly high.

Netherlands late with QR code

The Netherlands is relatively late in adopting the QR code on traffic fines. Belgium already introduced the payment method in early 2019, only it did not go smoothly right away. The Federal Justice Department initially used the European standard for a QR code, but that code did not work for some banks. As a result, some traffic fine recipients were unable to pay their fine through their familiar app.

Not until November 2019 did the payment system work for everyone. Those in Belgium who scan the QR code on a traffic fine can then first select which payment method is desired: Maestro, Visa or Bancontact. The iDeal payment method is supported by every Dutch bank, so that is why CJIB made that choice for the Netherlands.