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Caterham Seven 340 is the golden mean

November 12, 2022

Lineup of Caterham

Caterham supplies outside the United Kingdom the Seven 170, Seven 485 and the Seven 485 CSR. The offering is now expanding in the form of the Seven 340.

Ford four-cylinder for Caterham Seven 340

The 2.0-liter Ford Duratec four-cylinder gasoline engine produces 168 hp at 7,250 rpm and 175 Nm from 6,500 rpm. That power gives the lightweight two-seater a top speed of 209 mph. The 0-100 time is not yet known.

Caterham Seven 340 - lineup


You can order it with an S-pack. You then get a five-speed manual transmission, suspension tuned for street use, 14-inch Classic wheels with Avon ZT7 tires, LED lighting, heater, black leather-trimmed seats, a Momo steering wheel, carpeting and a choice of four colors.


The real enthusiasts will probably opt for the Caterham Seven 340 with R-pack. In this case, you get sportier suspension, 15-inch Orcus wheels with Avon ZZS tires, a limited slip differential on the rear axle, a carbon fiber dashboard, composite bucket seats, four-point harnesses, a Black-pack, shift indicator lights and more.

Caterham Seven 340 - side

Loose options

Of course, you can additionally choose a larger chassis with more interior space, the so-called SV chassis. Caterham also supplies several carbon fiber components to further reduce weight. Basically, a Seven 340 weighs only 560 kilograms.

Specifications Seven 340

The car is 3.10 meters long, 1.575 mm wide and 1.09 meters high. Building the Seven 340 yourself is not possible. It is available only as a factory-build. The starting price – excluding VAT and BPM – comes to 45,700 euros. The Seven 170 with Suzuki three-cylinder is available from 32,595 euros, excluding all taxes. The Seven 485 and 485 CSR will be available again starting in 2023.