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Caterham Project V: the world upside down

June 7, 2023

Sports car with an electric powertrain

“This is a bold new design. This is driver-oriented, lightweight and fun to drive. This is the essence of a sports car with an electric powertrain. This is a statement of intent. This is Project V,” Caterham wrote in an announcement.

Caterham EV Seven

Caterham is not yet giving more details. The brand did previously present a prototype of an electric Caterham Seven. That was the Caterham EV Seven. That car has a weight of about 700 kilograms, a 51 kWh battery (40 kWh usable) and a fast-charging capability of up to 152 kW. The electric motor in question produces 240 hp at 9,000 rpm with a peak torque of 250 Nm. It is possible that the Caterham Project V will take over this powertrain. In the EV Seven, all the power results in a 0-100 time of about 4 seconds.

Caterham Project V