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March 31, 2022

Not an ordinary Transit and you can already see that at the front

An all-black grille with large FORD letters in it characterizes the Trail version of the Transit, Ford’s largest delivery van.

The Ford Transit Trail isn’t all about edgy looks. The drive has a mechanical differential lock. This kicks in as soon as one of the driven front wheels loses traction and starts to skid. At that moment, driving power is directed to the other wheel that still has grip.

Transit Trail powerhouse on the construction site

The Transit Trail is easier to move from a standstill on loose surfaces, such as on a construction site. In addition, the mechanical differential lock ensures that the Transit is more stable when cornering. After all, the most pulling power always goes to the wheel with the most grip. In the bend that is the outside wheel. This is pressed more forcefully onto the road surface, while the inner wheel loses pressure and is more likely to slip when you accelerate to accelerate again.

More appearance

Back to appearance. We’ll take you around the Transit Trail. The front bumper is shaped differently and has a metal-colored protective plate on the underside. The black side protectors along the bottom of the body are also specific to this version, as are the glossy black alloy wheels.

Load floor length of more than 4 meters!

The Ford Transit has been on the market in this form for several years now. It is still one of the best-selling large vans and this model certainly owes that to a solid reputation from previous generations. It is the most spacious of its kind. The Transit in this test is the variant H3/L3. Then the cargo space is already immense. Ford offers another L4 version with 15.1 cubic meters of cargo space and a load floor length of 4,217 mm!

Up to 2,397 kg payload

The Ford Transit is also one of the few large delivery vans available in a 5-ton variant. The payload then comes to 2,397 kg. The built-in step in the rear bumper is also handy. The Transit tested had the optional electrically opening and closing sliding door on the right side. And a short tug on the lever and the door slowly opens independently. You can also do it with the remote on the ignition key. Or with a switch on the dashboard.

driver’s seat

The cabin is quite spacious. The driver’s seat is adjustable in height. At the Trail the decoration is quite luxurious. Both seats have adjustable armrests. The seat cover is made of leather. In the basic version, there is a bench for two people next to the driver’s seat.

Storage compartments and more

Common in vans of this size is an arsenal of storage compartments: in the doors, on top of the dashboard, against the roof and in the dashboard. At the front at the top of the doors is a compartment in which a mobile phone fits perfectly. Apparently users thought so too, because there’s a warning sticker here telling you not to. When closing the door, the phone gets stuck and he doesn’t like that.

Low posts and curbs

The exterior mirrors are electrically adjustable, which applies to the upper part. The smaller panoramic mirrors below have to be aimed by hand. They provide an ultra-wide view and also show the ground next to the bus well, including low posts and curbs. When driving backwards, the camera comes into operation, the image of which can be seen on the large central display.

Nice big display

The touchscreen is one of the finer of its kind. The higher placement makes it easily accessible and visible. Due to the larger dimensions, navigation and, for example, the selected radio station can be viewed simultaneously and are also easy to read.

48 volt mild hybrid

The Ford Transit Trail comes with a 130 hp 2.0 liter diesel engine with mild hybrid technology. That is with a starter generator and a 48 volt battery for the power supply. The unit supports the combustion engine, for example when accelerating and starting the engine again if it has been switched off by the stop-start system. When braking, the battery is recharged.

Fuel consumption?

Ford also supplies the 48-volt mild hybrid powertrain for the smaller Transit Custom. Does it matter? Fuel economy is lower and the Transit makes the engine restart very smooth and smooth indeed. We also noted an average consumption of 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers. With predominantly shorter journeys and also with a load. It will be less at constant speed on the highway.


The Ford Transit in Trail gear is definitely worth seeing. The black grille and the black strips all around provide a robust appearance. The black glossy wheels match it very well. The drivetrain with mechanical differential lock provides noticeably a portion of extra traction, which is certainly useful when starting from a standstill with a heavy trailer. The 130 hp diesel provides enough pulling power with 360 Nm. The six-speed manual transmission shifts lightly and easily. The first gear is also remarkably short, so you can drive very slowly without using the clutch. The turning circle is short. The power steering responds quickly. This means that the wheels can be turned easily from left to right and that helps with manoeuvring. The fact is: the Ford Transit is a jack of all trades because it is available in many variants. That explains why this model is still one of the best-selling in this segment. The Trail is a nice addition. Would you like to know more about options and prices? Take a look at the company car page of the Ford website.