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Car portrait: the fabulous supercar collection of Freerk

July 28, 2023

Divergent collection of cars

Freerk’s collection consists of six completely different cars. Freerk is the happy owner of a Spyker C8 Spyder, McLaren 720S, Porsche 918 Spyder, Aston Martin V12 Speedster, Ferrari California and a Morgan Aeromax. Six cars, all with their own charms. Among others, a hypercar, a car without a roof and windshield and a car of Dutch origin! So there is not really a common thread to recognize in the collection. Why was precisely these cars chosen? We ask the owner.

There is no real similarity between the cars. From where did you choose just these specimens?

“That went on gradually,” begins the down-to-earth Frisian. “I usually consult with an appraiser, who will take a look at what is convenient to buy. Usually it’s then a search of a few months, after which I go to cars to see if it’s a nice neat car. I don’t like very garish cars like Lamborghinis. Every car has its charm.”

“Six years ago, for example, I bought a Spyker. My collection has grown that way over the years. I also had a bunch of vintage cars, but I got rid of them because they were not easy cars to drive. If I then wanted to ‘take a little drive’ on Sundays, a lot had to happen before I could leave.”

“For example, I had a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, you had to let it warm up for a very long time before you could start it. And when you could finally start it, you had to let it warm up for three quarters of an hour. I think all the cars I have are very cool, but you never know how it will turn out. Maybe I’ll sell one again someday.”

Also, has there been a car you should never have gotten rid of?

“Yeah. I had a BMW Z3 coupe twenty years ago, my first sports car. I never should have gotten rid of that car. I still really like that model. It’s starting to become a sought-after modern classic now, too. But the memories I have of that car are the most precious. I shouldn’t have gotten rid of it.”

What was your first car?

“My very first car was a Renault Clio, which had belonged to my mother. The glass headlights flew off on the highway at the time, and the exhaust had rusted away underneath. It was a throwaway. This Clio didn’t really increase my love for French cars.”

Where does your car passion come from?

“It started with a Porsche Boxster, which I imported from Germany with my father. Together to Germany and home with a real Porsche. Then I was 25 years old. The bikes in the garage then had to make way for the Boxster. In the evenings, I would sometimes sit in the garage, in the car listening to music. That’s where the car passion did start.”

“I also really enjoy looking for a nice car abroad, and doing it at the right time so that it is also a good investment. A bank employee once told me “you can leave your money with us, but then you’ll never see it. You’re not going to put your camping chair in front of the bank building on a Friday afternoon.” When you invest your money in a nice hobby or something you have a connection with, at least sometimes you can enjoy it or look at it. The car passion does not come from my parents, who are still knocking off the mountain boots against the Audi. Those really see a car as a means of transportation.”

What is the best memory you have of your cars?

“I can really enjoy it when I’m driving down the highway with my cousins, windows down. They really love that. Then they burst out laughing. I also drove the Morgan to the factory, through the beautiful English countryside. Each time there were problems with the Morgan during that road trip. When we mentioned this at the factory, they had a very simple explanation: “Well, these are BMW parts”. I also drove the McLaren to London. Five days of touring, a lot of fun. Later I was sent only 1,200 euros in fines, which was unfortunate. Apparently, we had driven through environmental zones several times. Little did we know…”

Do you drive your cars often?

“The McLaren is my daily car for private. With the Ferrari I often go for a drive with my nephew and niece and the rest of the cars I also regularly drive when the weather is good. Every once in a while a block drive on a Sunday, I can really enjoy that. With these kinds of cars you always experience something.”

If you could only keep one more, which one would you choose?

“I think the Morgan. The model is very special, distinct lines and that wooden chassis. If you compare it to a Ferrari like that, it’s a world of difference. The finish of such a Morgan is much more refined. You can really see that they still build that by hand. Also, the Aeromax is a limited model, with only 100 of them built.” thanks Freerk for his time and Drachten airport for the opportunity to take photos at the airport.