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Camping with a Suzuki Jimny: hell or heaven? – REVIEW

June 13, 2023

Jimny is sympathetic offroader from Suzuki

Secretly, I am a little worried about the Suzuki Jimny. Suzuki’s likeable offroader is already having such a hard time in the Netherlands. At first the Jimny was available on yellow license plates, but a sky-high BPM fine made the car almost unaffordable for individuals. The yellow license plate version was dropped. Only the gray license plate version with two instead of four seats is still available in the Netherlands.

Global Safety Regulation

The only question is how long? Because starting July 7, 2024, the new Global Safety Regulation for vehicles will come into effect. The question is whether the Jimny will still meet all the requirements for driver assistance systems from then on. If not, it may be the end of the story for the Jimny in the Netherlands. A tear is allowed. The Jimny really won’t be the only victim, as consider a Toyota GR86 as well. All the nice cars seem to be moving further and further out of the picture.

Suzuki Jimny

Disadvantages Suzuki Jimny

Reason enough to drive a Suzuki Jimny as often as possible, because this compact off-road vehicle makes the hearts of car enthusiasts beat faster. Every ride he puts a smile on my face. It is pure, feels mechanical and is rock solid. Okay, it tilts a bit in corners, is not in its element on the highway, and fuel economy is not very favorable at about 1 in 11. But the charms outweigh the drawbacks as far as I’m concerned.


Suzuki Jimny in camping version

Suzuki Netherlands said it was working on a Jimny in camping trim. When I heard that, my heart jumped. In fact, it was a good reason to hit the road once again with a Jimny. When I received a picture of the car in question via WhatsApp, it was soon clear to me: I had to make an appointment. So it happened: camping with a Suzuki Jimny became a reality. And still with a very cool version. White in color, but because of some extras he-really áf. Cool decals, off-road tires from Yokohama, the well-known Suzuki Heritage grille, a weighted rear suspension kit and red mud flaps make this one from Jimny an incredibly cool machine.

Suzuki Jimny at the campsite

The cost of all accessories

Not only that, Suzuki Netherlands chipped in almost 5,000 euros to make it the ultimate camper. Curious about all the costs? We list them in this Suzuki Jimny review. The rooftop tent from Dometic (Dometic TRT 140 AIR) will cost you 2,500 euros. Furthermore, this Suzuki is equipped with a Slimline II luggage rack, worth 1,239 euros. The ladder costs 169 euros. Furthermore, this Jimny has a hard storage box at 189 euros, two folding chairs at 139 euros each and a handy, folding bamboo table: 199 euros.

Bottle opener!

The best option is yet to come: a bottle opener placed on the roof rack, ideal! That one will cost you 7 euros. Adding it all up, therefore, you end up with almost 5,000 euros. Then you have something, because admit it, this looks great, doesn’t it? In case you want to know what’s on this Suzuki Jimny: we list all the items for you at the bottom of this review.

Camping truly a piece of cake

With this camping gear, camping really is a breeze. You first take a moment to pick out a good spot at the campsite and then you can get to work unpacking all the equipment. The rooftop tent itself is inflatable with a convenient compressor. You connect this device to the 12V socket in the boot of the Jimny, preferably with the engine running. Just set it to 9 PSI, unfold the two floor sections of the tent and the rest happens by itself.

Only two minutes

In about two minutes, your rooftop tent is ready, ideal. Of course, you sleep on the roof. So you must have good mobility. Hopefully you won’t have to go to the bathroom at night either, otherwise you’ll have to climb out of the tent. Here, practice makes perfect. You sleep nice and high thanks to the rooftop tent. So you won’t be bothered by bugs. You also enjoy a cool view of the campsite.

Suzuki Jimny

Conclusion Suzuki Jimny review: memorable adventure

Incredibly nice are the reactions of everyone else the campsite. The Suzuki is attracting attention. Because admit it: you don’t see this every day either. In any case, the night on the roof of this off-road vehicle was memorable. Above all, it was a great adventure, but even without this camping equipment, you get adventure with a Suzuki Jimny. And a smile. Because no matter what the future may look like for this 4×4: in my heart, it already won a place years ago.

This Suzuki Jimny is equipped with the following products from Dometic:

This Suzuki Jimny is equipped with the following products from Frontrunner:

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny camping

Suzuki Jimny at the campsite