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Buying a new car. Fun? Or a must?

January 3, 2024

Buying a new car requires an investment of time. The choices in make, model, upholstery and color must all be made. Do you go off the dealers and immerse yourself in the world of engines and horsepower? Or are you long satisfied when there are 4 wheels and enough seats?

What does the car need to meet? This is the first question you ask in your search for a new car. How many seats do you use, do you need a lot of luggage space and do you drive a lot of miles, or is the car used for small trips? Will you choose an electric car, a plug-in, a hybrid version or still a car that runs on traditional, fossil fuels? If you have made these choices, you have already eliminated a great deal from all the offerings. A good start, then.

Your budget is also an important factor in consideration. Are you choosing a new car or a used car? Do you want to finance from your own resources, or do you opt for a loan and have a slightly larger budget as a result? When buying a new, or used, car, 30% of the Dutch use financing assistance.

The average purchase price of a used car last year was €23,808. The amount of the average loan for a car was €12,000 Financing a car can often be done at your bank, but the dealer can also help. Interest rates do tend to be slightly higher.

Do you have a keen sense of what conditions your car must meet? And do you have the amount of your budget in focus? Then the monthly charges associated with your new car are a final important factor in your consideration. The motor vehicle tax, for example. The cost for this is usually charged quarterly and depends on

the type of fuel, emissions and weight of your vehicle. The bigger and heavier the car, the more expensive.

An electric car will not be charged motor vehicle tax at least through 2024. The central government thus wants to encourage all-electric driving. 

Your mandatory car insurance is also a monthly expense you need to consider. To understand the cost of this, you can compare car insurance. That way you know exactly where you stand with which car. Also consider whether you often drive alone or with others, this will affect any additional passenger coverage.

Have you thought about everything and narrowed your options down to just a few possibilities? Then comes the best part: the test drive. Getting acquainted with the car you may be driving for a long time is an important part besides fun. Getting a feel for how the car drives, as well as finding any flaws. A test drive should always be over different types of road.

You never drive only highway, don’t do this in the test drive either. Include a residential area and preferably a county 80 road as well. Is the car comfortable on the road? Are you comfortable by yourself and do you have enough room for your legs?

Buying a car is not something you do lightly. Take your time, even if at first you don’t think it’s that important what you’re driving in. Make sure you are comfortable, arrange your administration well and make sure you can bear the burdens, even when the going gets tough.