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Buy a real BMW Art Car from Jeff Koons!

February 21, 2022

BMW Art Cars

International artists who turn a BMW model into a true work of art. It has been happening since 1975, when the American Alexander Calder started the tradition with a BMW 3.0 CSL: the Art Car. The artists are allowed to create a work of art with a BMW as a canvas. It produces a number of iconic cars, of which only one was made at a time. Until now, because you can buy these THE 8 X JEFF KOONS.

BMW Art Car 3.0 CSL


This time it’s Jeff Koons’ turn to make an Art Car from the M850i xDrive Gran Coupé. The project was named THE 8 X JEFF KOONS. Koons was also allowed to design an Art Car in 2010, then with the M3 GT2 as the basis. The artist is known for his outspoken art, such as the Balloon dog or the Rabbit. The latter was auctioned for nearly $92 million, making it the third most expensive artwork ever by living artists.

Jeff Koons 8 serie

The design

The base is a blue M850i with yellow bumpers. Comic book style visuals have been used throughout the car, with dashes running intermittently from front to back as a symbol of speed. Everything leads to the explosion on the back. The old logo can be found on the hood in matching colors. In total there are 11 different colors to be found on the outside.

Interior of THE 8 X JEFF KOONS

Koons has also reflected the comic book theme in the interior, including the blue and red upholstered seats. The door panels are brown and the headliner is burgundy. Let’s just say you have to love it. Jeff Koons has also left a signature in the interior, along with the badge to show that it is a real Art Car.

Want to buy BMW Art Car?

Unlike previous Art Cars from BMW, this one is for sale. 99 pieces of the ‘rolling artwork’ will be made. The price? A sloppy 350,000 euros! A pittance if you compare it with the value of the ‘Rabbit’. The price is partly due to the fact that it takes more than 200 hours to paint the car and the fact that BMW can only make two a week.

Jeff Koons 8 serie1

Jeff Koons 8 serie2

Jeff Koons 8 serie3

Jeff Koons 8 serie4

Jeff Koons 8 serie5

Jeff Koons 8 serie6