BMW E60 – Everything you need to know

January 10, 2023

BMW E60 in brief

Designed by Chris Bangle, the E60 has four doors and is 4.84 m long, 1.85 m wide and 1.47 m high. The E60 is the Sedan variant and the E61 is the Touring variant, which came out in 2004. In 2007, both variants received a facelift.

The BMW E60 was the first 5 Series also available with a turbocharged engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. He also had many new electronic gadgets. These include Active Cruise Control with stop & go, keyless entry, Lane Departure Warning, Brake Force Display and LED taillights. Things that we take for granted these days. Another fun fact about the E60 is that this car was the first 5 Series in 22 years where the center console did not face the driver of the car.


The Sedan variant (E60) came in three types during its July 2003 launch: the 520i, the 530i and the 530d. All three of these variants featured a six-in-line engine. The 520i has 170 hp, the 530i has 231 hp and the 530d has 218 hp. In September 2003, BMW came out with the 525i and the 545i. The 525i also has a six-in-line engine, with 193 hp, but the 545i has a brutal 333-hp V8. You must have those if you are often in a hurry so.

BMW E60 M5

Or do it really well and choose the E60 M5. That one got a V10 with a whopping 507 horsepower! A V10 in a BMW, we’re never going to see that again. The Touring was also available with this brutal powertrain. You regularly come across the BMW E60 M5 on the Internet for 35,000 euros with 100,000 kilometers on the odometer. For other E60 variants, it is difficult to determine a price. After all, there is a huge amount of choice. A simpler E60 variant starts at 8,000 euros.


To keep other variants affordable, BMW designed a Corporate variant with fewer horsepower and a lower price. Therefore, the Corporate version of the 520d had an output of 150 hp instead of 163 hp.

Is the BMW E60 worth it?

The BMW E60 has a modern look, has very powerful engines and is also suitable for business drivers to drive. It is a true mile-eater. For individuals who drive a lot, the E60 is also suitable because of BMW’s comfortable interior and reliability. A fun car to show off! But beware: its days are beginning to count, and maintenance is costly at the German premium brand.

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