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Battery rental or battery purchase: here’s the price difference at NIO

November 22, 2022

Buy NIO, choice of ET7, ET5 and EL7

NIO is fast becoming a manufacturer of smart electric cars. Now sales are also starting in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Three new models will be launched immediately, namely the ET7, ET5 and EL7. Buy NIO? There is a choice of subscription (NIO Subscription), buy with battery rental or buy with battery purchase.

NIO Subscription

NIO Subscription has durations from one month to sixty months. Users can choose the model that best suits their needs. For all subscription models, NIO guarantees a complete carefree package that includes comprehensive insurance, maintenance, winter tires (ET7/EL7), a replacement car and access to battery changes, plus the flexibility to upgrade battery services in the future. NIO Subscription all-in prices range from 1,035 to 1,939 euros per month including VAT, depending on the chosen concept, model configuration, battery pack capacity and other selections.

Buy NIO with battery rental or battery purchase

In addition to this NIO Subscription subscription model, starting Nov. 21, NIO also offers the option of purchasing the models. This can be done with battery rental or battery purchase. NIO’s consumer recommended prices with battery rental are:

Battery rental

This does not include the price of the battery pack, therefore, users can rent one through the Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) model. The 75 kWh package becomes available for 169 euros per month and offers users the flexibility of the convenience of swapping the battery in just 5 minutes via the battery swap stations (NIO Power Swap Stations). The 100 kWh version costs 289 euros per month.


Battery Purchase

You can also buy a battery, but it is not very cheap. In the case of purchase, the purchase price of the 75 kWh battery pack is 12,000 euros. That converts to 160 euros per kWh. The 100 kWh battery costs 21,000 euros, or 210 euros per kWh. NIO’s consumer recommended prices with battery purchase are:

ET5 75 kWh – 63,900 euros
ET5 100 kWh – 72,900 euros

ET7 75 kWh – 84,900 euros
ET7 100 kWh – 93,900 euros

EL7 75 kWh- 88,900 euros
EL7 100 kWh- 97,900 euros

Buy NIO? Order online

The NIO ET5, ET7 and EL7 can be purchased through the NIO App, where users can also access vehicle data and book service calls through the “One Click for Service” feature. At a later date, it will also be possible for users to fund NIO models.


Complete equipment

All NIO models are fully loaded. Virtually everything is included, including integrated hardware for assisted driving thanks to NIO Adam Super Computing and NIO Aquila Super Sensing. These systems consist of 33 sensors (including an ultra-long-range, high-resolution LiDAR). Frameless soft-close doors and recessed door handles are also standard on an NIO, as is an Immersive Sound System with 23 speakers (Dolby Atmos) and Dynamic Ambient Light with 256 colors. The ET7 and EL7 have air suspension, 20-inch wheels with orange calipers, seat heating, ventilation and massage for four seats and much more.

Range of action (WLTP) per NIO model

The NIO ET5 and ET5 are both luxury sedans; the EL7 is a hefty SUV. The range varies by model. Below is an overview of the range according to the WLTP test standard.


75 kWh: 445 km
100 kWh: 580 km


75 kWh: 445 km
100 kWh: 580 km


75 kWh: 394 km
100 kWh: 513 km

NIO’s CEO speaking

“Fantastic to now also offer all of our NIO models with a buy option. After all the requests we received to buy the car, we quickly scaled up to add this option. In addition, our battery changing technology can be used through battery rental. Several stations are currently under construction in the Netherlands and the first will open December 1,” explained William Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO.