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Avoid financial problems with a good scooter insurance policy

April 5, 2023

Is scooter insurance mandatory?

It is required by law to purchase at least third-party insurance for your scooter. This covers the damage you cause to others. If you don’t have insurance and still cause damage, you have to pay the cost yourself. This can be quite expensive and lead to financial problems. Third-party insurance for your scooter is cheaper than motorcycle insurance, because a scooter is generally less likely to be damaged. The amount of the premium does depend on several factors, such as your age, where you live and the number of claim-free years.

Additional scooter insurance policies

In addition to third-party insurance, you can also opt for limited-casualty insurance, or possibly even all-risk insurance. Limited-casualty insurance additionally covers certain damages to your own scooter, such as theft or damage caused by storm or fire. If you are looking for the most comprehensive coverage options for your insurance, all-risk insurance is the best option. This insurance covers not only all damages to others and your own scooter, but also damages you caused yourself. Before buying insurance for your scooter, it is wise to compare several insurers.

What should you look for in your scooter insurance?

Before purchasing insurance, it is very important to educate yourself about the various options and their terms and conditions. It may pay to compare different insurance policies side by side, as premiums, coverages and terms may differ between insurers. You can compare your scooter insurance on several comparison websites, this way you can easily and independently choose the best option. It is important to look not only at the premium, but also at the coverage and any terms and conditions. For example, cheaper insurance may offer less coverage than more expensive insurance, indicates comparison website Also note the amount of the deductible and the option to purchase additional coverages, such as roadside assistance or accident insurance.