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Audi urbansphere concept: Audi’s vision of urban mobility

April 19, 2022

Audi sphere

The urbansphere is therefore the third member of the Audi sphere family. Audi previously showed a roadster called ‘skysphere’ and the luxurious sedan called ‘grandsphere’. They are models that look ahead to the electric future of the brand.

inside out

During the presentation of the urbansphere, Audi repeatedly mentions that the car is designed according to the ‘inside-out principle’. So they started designing the inside. We listened to the wishes and input of Chinese customers. The urbansphere is focused on the Chinese megacities. The co-creation with customers revealed a number of things that people need in large, densely populated cities: a space to withdraw from the hustle and bustle in peace.

Dirty of a car

Now you probably think that in so-called megacities there is mainly demand for compact city EVs, but nothing could be further from the truth, according to Audi. Audi claims that the Chinese want a car that is more than 5.5 meters long, 2 meters high and 1.78 meters wide. This means that the urbansphere has a wheelbase of almost 3.5 meters, which means that the passengers in the rear row of seats in particular have plenty of space. The steering rear axle should allow the urbansphere to effortlessly maneuver through the narrow streets of a megacity.

Equipped with every luxury

The focus is therefore mainly on the interior of the urbanspere. Before you are welcomed with open arms by the suicide doors, you first receive a warm welcome from the red carpet that is projected on the floor. Once inside you see four individual seats, with the focus mainly on the rear two. They are spacious, adjustable in different positions and turn towards each other to have a conversation or turn away for more privacy.

While you watch a movie on the ‘cinema screen’ you can enjoy a fresh glass of water from the center console. The urbansphere uses facial scans and voice analyzes to check your state of mind and based on that, the car makes suggestions to relax. For example, through meditation or soothing sounds from the headrests. Everything is aimed at comfort, to which the air suspension also contributes.

The exterior

The interior space in the urbansphere is enveloped by one of the largest exteriors Audi has ever created. According to the designers, the MPV-like shape is a mix between future lines and design elements that we already know from current Audi models. A good example of this is the Singleframe grille, which is closed on the sides with LED lighting. The large glass roof should emphasize the own ‘bubble’ that Audi wants to create. Busy lines are also missing, which makes for an elegant design, despite the size.


Something that immediately stands out are the lights on both the front and back. Audi calls it the ‘Audi Light Canvas’, which is used to communicate.


You almost forget that we are dealing with a car, so here are some specifications. The car is on the PPE platform. That is the same platform that the new A6 also comes on. The urbansphere has an electric motor on each axle that together produce a power of 400 hp and 690 Nm, which is distributed over four wheels by the quattro system. The electric motors are powered by a battery pack of no less than 120 kWh.

To upload

The urbansphere also has 800 Volt charging technology, which we know from the electric Audi e-tron GT, with which 270 kW charging is possible. A 270 kW charging point can be charged within a range of 300 kilometers within ten minutes. With a fully loaded urbansphere you should be able to travel 750 kilometers, according to Audi.

Concept car

The Audi urbansphere is of course a concept car, but you can undoubtedly expect certain elements in Audi’s from the near future. Do you want to see the car in real life? You can at the Beijing Auto Show 2022.