Aligning a car: what is it, what does it cost and when is it needed?

September 7, 2022

Car Alignment

Aligning a car is done based on the car’s chassis. The undercarriage ensures that your wheels are in the ideal position to drive like you are used to. When you have your car aligned at the garage, the tires and portions of your suspension are realigned. They do this by measuring the current position of the wheels, then comparing this with the manufacturer’s data. With specialized equipment, tires, as well as the track rod, wishbone or subframe of a tire are replaced if necessary.

What does car tire alignment cost?

The tires should have half a degree of toe-in. That means there should be about 10mm between the rims and the wheels. It is important that the wheels are parallel to the steering position. It differs from one type of car to another what the adjustments are, a big car has a different adjustment than a small car. An alignment costs around 70 euros. This price is worth it, because replacing all your tires is much more expensive than a one-time alignment to avoid this cost. Aligning the car takes about 30 minutes.

When is it wise to have your car tuned?

It is a good choice to have your car aligned in conjunction with replacing your tires. In fact, at this time the mechanic is already working on the undercarriage and it can be easily taken away. As soon as you notice that you are deviating to the side while driving, your steering wheel is getting heavier or lighter, you have had a collision or any other accident or event that may affect your suspension we recommend having your car aligned. How often you should align your car depends entirely on how you drive, the condition of your car, the conditions in which you drive and the number of miles you drive.

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