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Alfa Romeo 147 – everything you need to know

November 13, 2022

The Alfa Romeo 147 is derived from the successful Alfa 156. Among other things, both have the same bottom plate. The design also shows strong similarities. Especially at the front, since the Alfa 147 is a hatchback while the 156 is a sedan. Striking features include the typical heart-shaped Alfa grille, the license plate placed on the left side of the bumper (to the right for viewers) and a V-shaped rear window, which you also saw at the time, for example, on the Alfa Brera.

Front-wheel drive Alfa 147

The first examples of the front-wheel-drive Alfa 147 were delivered to our country in 2000. Initially it came only as a three-door and years later the five-door followed. There was a choice of a 1.6 TS version with 105 or 120 hp or a 2.0 TS with 150 hp. The 1.9 JTD diesel sold a lot at the time because the Alfa 147 was very popular as a lease car. With the diesel, you had 105, 120 or 150 hp of power. A 3.2 V6 with 250 hp (GTA) followed later.

Facelift Alfa 147

In 2005, the Alfa Romeo 147 received a facelift. It is identified by sharper cut and larger headlights. The taillights are also larger and framed with a chrome strip. In addition, the tailgate is different in shape.

Interior and finishing

The interior can compare to an Audi A3, for example, in terms of decoration and equipment. Logical too, because with the Alfa 147, Alfa Romeo was aiming for the A3 and also the BMW 1 Series. Standard equipment on the Alfa 147 is more than average in size. The materials used are of good quality and also feel solid.

Driving behavior Alfa 147

The Alfa 147 drives nicely sporty. The chassis is clearly focused on speed. High-speed turns are a treat. The Alfa Romeo drives stable and steady on course. The dynamics are what you expect from this brand, which has traditionally prioritized sportiness. The 1.9 JTD diesel engine in particular suits the car’s character with its high tractive effort (300 Nm) and smooth, quiet running. Unfortunately, diesel driving is currently less financially attractive than in the years of the Alfa 147.

Car of the Year 2001

The Alfa 147 was named car of the year in Europe in 2001. A crowning achievement due in particular to its original design. Walter de’Silva, the then head of Alfa Romeo’s Centro Stile design department, was responsible for designing the 147. Production ended in 2010, with the Giulietta as its successor.