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After only 15 minutes, risk of hearing damage when riding motorcycle

February 22, 2024

After only 15 minutes at 100 km/h, you can suffer hearing damage. With that knowledge, it is quite extraordinary that 75% of motorcyclists do not (yet) use earplugs. This is according to a survey by Blauw Research among 1,000 Dutch people commissioned by Alpine, specialist in hearing protection.

Tinnitus after long motorcycle riding

Still, as a motorcyclist, you already know in the back of your mind that earplugs are really smart. You probably remember one time when you drove hard on the Autobahn for an extended period of time and at the end of the day you still had a somewhat whooshing sound in your ear. Like you went to a loud concert the night before. Of course, that ear noise often disappears after a few hours, but it is a signal!

Motorcyclist is aware of hearing damage

According to Alpine, a large proportion of motorcyclists are really aware of the risk of hearing damage. The manufacturer’s own survey found that 68% say they fear hearing damage. This is a higher percentage than among audiences who go to concerts.

A motorcycle helmet is not enough

Arthur van Keeken, CEO of Alpine: “At first, novice motorcyclists think that by wearing a motorcycle helmet they are already sufficiently protected against hearing damage. Unfortunately, even with a helmet you run the risk of permanent ringing in your ears. The higher the speed of your motorcycle, the more you suffer from wind noise under and past your helmet, even with a very good helmet.”

Alpine at the MOTORbeurs

At the MOTORbeurs in Utrecht (Feb. 22-25, 2024), traditionally seen as the start of the motorcycling season, Alpine has long had the largest booth and more than 2,000 motorcycle freaks get special hearing protection. The booth is even busier than the booths in the food court. A total of 23 employees spent four days permanently fitting hearing protection that will eventually protect motorcyclists.