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Affordable motor scooters from Mash

July 26, 2023

We fall right in with the prize. You’ll ride the Mash Belena 125cc for 3,999 euros and for exactly 1,000 euros more you’ll be on the Mash Belena 300cc. That is quite affordable for all things sleek and sporty designed motor scooters from this originally French brand from Beaune.


City and commuting

The Mash Belena 125cc seems ideal for city use. For example, to drive from just outside the city to your work downtown. The 300cc version is more powerful, even though Mash does not specify power, and therefore will be suitable for longer rides between home and work.

Large wheels = stability

Both models have chunky wheels, indicating good and stable handling. The 125cc is on 13-inch wheels; the 300cc rolls on 14-inch wheels. Downright striking is the LED lighting, whose daytime running lights extend all the way across the front fairing edges.

Mash Belena with illuminated storage space

The Mash Belena has a wide saddle and an illuminated storage area underneath. For starting, you can keep the key in your pocket. Remotely, it is recognized. A push of the start button is all it takes to bring the Belena to life.


Bleutooth connection and adjustable levers

Equipment includes a radio with bluetooth, which allows you to pair a smartphone. The cockpit offers a digital interface on which you see driving and ride information projected. Also quite special in this price range are the adjustable brake levers and the presence of both a side and center stand.

3-year warranty

Mash motorcycles have already shown that quality is fine. Anyway, you get a three-year warranty. The Mash Belena will appear in showrooms at dealerships starting August 2023.