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A visit to Ferrari Stuttgart: you’ll feast your eyes

January 2, 2024

Ferrari Stuttgart, a candy store

Those who walk into Ferrari Stuttgart imagine themselves in a candy store. You don’t know where to start for a while. During our visit, we were able to marvel at the lines of a Ferrari 812 GTS, a Ferrari 296 GTB, several F8 Tributos, a 458 Speciale and a 488 Pista, among others.

Ferrari SP43

Our eye also fell on a Ferrari SP43. Not the actual car, by the way, but the design proposition. In fact, as a buyer of a one-off Ferrari, you get to take home not only the real car, but also the wooden framework on which your one-off Ferrari is shaped. It looks like a real car, but underneath it is nothing more than a wooden frame with beautiful sheet metal and wheels. The owner of the SP43 was kind enough to make the design study available to Ferrari Stuttgart. The real car is safely in the owner’s garage.

Ferrari Stuttgart