10 winter tips: here’s how to get on the road faster in the morning after a big night frost

January 4, 2024

1. Spray door rubbers with silicone spray or rub them with petroleum jelly.

Give your door rubbers some love with silicone spray or a generous dose of petroleum jelly. Spraying or rubbing them in will prevent them from freezing when the mercury dips well below zero. This simple trick allows you to effortlessly pull open your door in the morning, and it also makes your door rubbers last much longer. Repeat this trick regularly for optimal protection during the winter season, but of course you can also do it only when it starts to freeze.

2. Prevent a frozen door lock with Teflon spray or WD40

Prevent a frozen door lock with a simple trick: spray some Teflon spray into the door lock or go for the classic, WD40. This clever preventive action prevents your door lock from freezing shut, so you don’t have to lean against your door first thing in the morning with an asshole bag of hot water. Again, for this tip, be sure to repeat this treatment periodically. So you are always assured of smooth access to your car, even in the icy cold.

3. Don’t wash your car right before it freezes

Timing is everything: don’t give your car a spa day if frost is announced. That’s asking for trouble. Water gets into every nook, cranny and cranny during a vigorous wash. This creates icing in the most awkward places. So avoid ending up as an ice sculpture and give your four-wheeler that well-deserved shine at a time when temperatures are a little milder.

4. Put window film or a sheet over the windshield

Crabs, who doesn’t hate them! Prevent frozen windows by strategically placing window film or a sheet over your windshield. Conveniently clip the ends between the doors to keep things from blowing away. Okay, you knew this tip, of course. But here’s something you may not have thought about: the windshield wipers! People often leave those under the cloth, so they still freeze against the windshield if they are a little damp. As a result, you still have to stand over your car like an acrobat the next morning to carefully get them off the windshield. Tip: Make sure the wipers rest on the underside ón the canvas. Voilà! This clever trick not only saves you the trouble of scratching, but also a set of new windshield wipers.

5. Clean the inside windows thoroughly

Don’t give fogged up car windows a chance and thoroughly clean the inside. It may seem like an obvious step, but clean car windows significantly reduce the chances of annoying condensation. Take those few extra minutes to remove dirt and deposits so you don’t have to hit the road in the morning half in the dark with low visibility. Clean your windows with a tea towel or microfiber cloth. Window cleaners, such as Glassex, often provide streak-free results.

6. A sock with cat grit prevents fogged windows

Don’t give moisture a chance and keep your car windows clear with cat grit. Cat grit is the ultimate moisture absorber and a powerful weapon against fogged up windows. Place a sock filled with this stuff somewhere in your interior and it will automatically absorb the moisture present, significantly reducing the chances of unwanted condensation. It is not only a smart solution, but also a budget-friendly way to combat moisture problems in the car.

7. Don’t put a windshield scraper and lock defroster in the car

It may sound like an open door (haha): keep your windshield scraper and lock defroster outside the car when it freezes. You will be amazed at how often this is overlooked. Do not store these winter essential tools in the car itself, because if the doors are frozen, they will be of little use to you. Place them somewhere within easy reach, such as on a cabinet by the front door.

8. Defrost windshield with a washcloth with salt

Didn’t read tip 6 and your interior is damp? Then you have a chance of your windshield freezing not only on the outside, but also on the inside. What now? Simple, fill a washcloth with some salt, moisten it and treat the frozen window on the inside with it. The salt speeds up the defrosting process and also prevents the window from refreezing quickly. Additional benefit: the salt also helps keep the window clean longer.

9. Get snow off your roof

If snow accumulates on the roof, take a moment to get it off. Why? Well, if you have to brake heavily, chances are the snow will slide across your windshield and you won’t see a hand in front of your face. You won’t be the first to cause an accident like that. So don’t let yourself be surprised by a sudden shower of snow and grab a snow shovel or brush and remove the snow from your car roof.

10. Avoid winter slides. Test your braking distance

Before you hit the road, take a moment for a quick safety check. Briefly press your brakes firmly to see if the road is not treacherously slippery. A short brake test can make the difference between a smooth ride and unexpected slide.

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