Suzuki Swift Sport Smart Hybrid review (2020)

11 Aug 2021, 16:32  •  Review  •  Door koen

To keep the Suzuki Swift Sport salable, some changes had to be made to the powertrain. Like several Suzuki models – such as the Ignis – Suzuki now installs a mild-hybrid powertrain, which Suzuki calls ‘Smart Hybrid’. Does that MHEV technology reduce driving pleasure? Or is the Suzuki Swift Sport still the trusted teardrop iron as we have known it for years?

Suzuki Swift Sport Smart Hybrid feedback

We get a lot of positive reactions when we are on the road with this Swift Sport. Thumbs go up. Mouths go into laughter. There is plenty of appreciation for the Swift Sport. Quite logical too, because the model looks nice and youthful and sporty. Especially in this set up. Striking color, tough wheels, sporty bumpers, there is something. But this specification also comes at a cost.

Suzuki Swift updates

We would like to explain that. But first a list of the cosmetic adjustments of the renewed Suzuki Swift Sport. There are none. So, that was easy. Suzuki has mainly invested in the powertrain, about which more later. Suzuki does introduce a new exterior package.

Suzuki Swift Sport Smart Hybrid (2020) – Still a bomb? – AutoRAI TV

スポーツ Exclusive Pack

That is the so-called スポーツ Exclusive Pack. Yes, including Japanese characters. The normal Swift Sport simply adorns the tailgate with ‘Swift Sport’. If you choose this option package, the word ‘Sport’ will be replaced by スポーツ. In fact it is still the same. スポーツ is pronounced as Swift ‘Supōtsu’ and that means in normal Dutch: Sport.

Swift Sport Japanese characters

A Swift Sport with スポーツ Exclusive Pack is easy to recognize. The package – which costs 1,899 euros – includes beautiful full leather upholstery for the front and rear seats, striking striping, grille surround in high-gloss black and other badges. The Japanese characters are also incorporated in the front seats. This package comes on top of the starting price of 24,949 euros. That is now a bit lower, because previously you had to pay more than 25,000 euros. Now you have it for a little less.

Flame Orange Pearl Metallic Suzuki Swift

“Our” Suzuki Swift Sport – painted in the new exterior color Flame Orange Pearl Metallic in combination with a roof and side mirrors in the color Super Black Pearl – is also equipped with optional wheels. And that’s where the price starts to climb. The lightweight 18-inch OZ Allegerita wheels cost 3,299 euros extra. You will immediately receive sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. These wheels complete the Swift Sport. The Michelins provide extra fine handling.

Suzuki Swift Sport Smart extra options

Below the line is therefore a Swift of more than 30,000 euros. Quite a bit of money, but you can also keep those five grand in extras in your pocket. Basically, the Swift Sport is also just very nice. Yes, even with mild hybrid technology. The technique even has some advantages.

Renewed Swift Sport engine

Previously, the Swift Sport only had a 1.4-litre Boosterjet four-cylinder turbo petrol engine under the hood with 140 hp and 230 Nm. In the renewed Swift ‘Supōtsu’, this petrol engine only delivers 129 hp, but still 230 Nm. The four-cylinder now gets help from a 14 hp and 53 Nm strong integrated starter motor, also called an ISG. This ISG gets its power from a 48V lithium-ion battery and provides an extra boost when you accelerate. This relieves the fuel engine, which in turn saves fuel consumption. You easily get 1 in 17 with such a Swift Sport. Nice is not it?

Higher maximum torque

The ISG provides a higher maximum torque (235 Nm) at a lower speed than before. And you feel that. You now have a solid push at lower revs. Full throttle in sixth gear at 80 km/h is palpable. So the technology works great.

Recharge Suzuki Swift Smart

Energy is recovered during gas lifts. The car brakes a bit more strongly than before. By taking off the gas in time, you hardly have to use the brake. The energy is again stored in the battery pack just touched on. It is located under the passenger seat.

48V-12V converter

As a driver, you sit on the special 48V-12V converter for powering components that require a lower voltage, such as lighting, audio and air conditioning. According to Suzuki, by placing these components under the front seats, a good weight distribution is created. Also nice: you don’t have to worry about it at all. The practicality of the model has therefore remained the same as that of the previous Swift Sport without MHEV technology.

Those mild-hybrid components do add some extra weight. Yet the Swift Sport remains below the magical limit of 1000 kilograms. The car now weighs 995 kilograms. Previously that was 945 kilograms. In total, the Swift Sport carries 50 kilograms extra. You don’t feel that at all on the road.

The performance then: the top speed is 210 km/h and the 0-100 time is now 9.1 seconds, according to Suzuki. The Japanese are much too careful with that. Because in practice we can already measure it at 7.6 seconds. In fact, in the hands of a professional driver, you can probably eat a few tenths off. Well, they’re just reports.

Suzuki Swift Sport handling

In the Swift Sport you mainly want to drive. Because that’s still a lot of fun. You still don’t have a limited slip differential. We maintain that that would do the Swift Sport very well, but on the other hand, such a system also drives up the price. Now you have to dose your gas during a sprint. The Suzuki especially excels in corners. Roundabouts are a party. You hardly have to slow down and the sports seats offer sufficient support to your body. So it still remains the trusted tearing iron that is now slightly more economical with the help of electrical assistance and offers more torque.

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