Review Renault Captur TCe 100 (2020)

22 Jul 2021, 14:15  •  Review  •  Door koen

Renault has lifted the Captur higher on the shield and how. It looks a lot tougher than the previous model. It’s bigger and remarkably comfortable. And with the TCe 100 powertrain, it’s sipping fuel.

Renault Captur TCe 100 size

Little ones grow up, including the Renault Captur. You see this trend in more brands. It is even striking if you put the new Captur next to the Renault Kadjar. At first sight, they are almost not inferior to each other in size. While that Kadjar is higher in the range, but it has been on the market for some time. The successor will also be bigger, or so you can expect

Renault Captur TCe 100 paintjob

In this Orange Atacama color, the Captur sticks to your retina. A kind of extra visual boost is this metallic orange, especially when the sun is shining on it. Nice detail: the orange color is continued in the interior of this version. An area near the poker is decorated with it and orange lines also run across the dashboard. It looks fresh, stylish and playful. By the way: the interior is made of high-quality materials. No hard plastic parts, but sturdy and soft additional plastic blow the quality trumpet here.

Captur Multi-Sense

Another fun gadget: Multi-Sense. The tested Captur has this function, which allows you to color the driving behavior and the reaction to the gas. By default, it is in MySense mode. If you choose Sport, the engine responds more directly to the gas. In Eco mode there seems to be a filter between throttle movement and engine response, with the aim of lower consumption. The nice thing about Multi-Sense is the photochromic illuminated strips on the dashboard and the doors. Depending on the position, they are white, red or green. Three guesses which color belongs to which mode.

Backseat Renault Captur TCe 100

The new Renault Captur is 11 centimeters longer than its predecessor, which provides slightly more seating space in the back and a larger trunk. Its volume is now 536 litres. The rear seat can be moved over a length of 16 centimeters and the loading floor is adjustable in two heights. Thanks to that extra space and ease of use, the Renault Captur takes over the role of the ‘Renault Clio Estate’, of which there will be no successor.

Renault Easy Link

Opvallend in het interieur is het grote rechtopstaande beeldscherm, pontificaal in het midden en bedieningsportal van het Renault Easy Link multimediasysteem. Afhankelijk van de uitvoering is het een 7-inch touchscreen of een 9,3-inch scherm. De informatie is hierop goed te zien. Er past veel op. Het bovendeel projecteert bijvoorbeeld de navigatiekaart, terwijl daaronder grote aanraakdelen zitten voor radio, telefoon en andere functies.

Renault Captur (2020) – King of the crossover? – AutoRAI TV

Adaptations Renault

The system is quite easy to operate and swipes exactly like a tablet. You can also adjust the layout to your liking. It is a search where all functions are. Take your time to get to know the system so you don’t have to search and get distracted while driving.

Three-Cilinder Turbo Renault Captur TCe 100

De TCe 100 is de minst krachtige aandrijflijn. Het betreft een driecilinder turbomotor van 999 cc met 100 pk. Hij moet het van zijn koppel hebben, van de trekkracht dus. Met 160 Nm is die hoog genoeg om de 1.265 kg zware Captur vlotjes uit de startblokken te trekken. Bij heel lage toeren geeft hij nagenoeg niet thuis, de motor heeft de turbodruk nodig om te presteren en dat doet hij vanaf circa 2.000 toeren per minuut. Zuinig is hij, we komen op een gemiddelde van 6,2 l/100 km.

Quiet Engine Renault

The TCe 100 is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Because the engine is so quiet (you really hardly hear it) it takes some getting used to in the beginning to match the speed with acceleration and driving speed. You miss the tachometer as a reference. It only projects the digital instruments in the Sport stand. Yet you drive away smoothly with the Captur. It has a user-friendly character, so you quickly learn to shift gears without hearing the engine. Renault has managed to put enough feeling in clutch and throttle.

Renault Captur TCe 100 Comfortable seating

The new Captur is very comfortable. Not only in the suspension, but also in sound. Together with the pleasant seats, the Captur is well suited for long distances. Especially if you choose a version with automatic transmission. It is available on the TCe 130 and standard with the very powerful TCe 155. The TCe 100 is less rapid, but on the highway you still have to keep an eye on the counter. Due to the quiet interior, it will soon go faster than you expect. The stable road holding makes that even more in the hand. The car does not easily get upset, even at high speeds.

Conclusion Renault Captur

This tested Captur is one of the richest equipped versions. It’s an Edition One with a whole host of assistance and safety systems, a rear-view camera and a wireless phone charger. It is located under the tray for the gear lever. The Renault Captur is available from just over 22,000 euros with the TCe 100 engine. The tested version goes towards 30,000 euros, with the same engine. Then you have a very complete car with enough space for the family. You can say that it is a mature and full-fledged SUV and therefore a lot more versatile than its predecessor. Renault has simply put down a funny all-rounder, which could easily become one of the best-selling models. Or rather: stay.

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