Fiat 500X 1.3 Sport review (2020)

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After the Fiat 500X Urban, Lounge, City Cross and Cross, there is now the Fiat 500X Sport. It can be guessed that the Fiat 500X Sport is the sportiest version of the quintet. But how sporty is it exactly?

Fiat 500X 1.3 Sport red

The Fiat 500X Sport in which we were allowed to drive for a week is a tempting example. This is mainly due to the beautiful red color of the body (surcharge 450 euros). It is not for nothing that Fiat calls it Rosso Seduzione or seductive red.

The red paint color is new and contrasts nicely with the titanium-colored door mirror caps, door handles and alloy wheels (18-inch). More road users noticed this, because many people looked at the red Fiat 500X Sport during the test period. They may not have noticed that the Sport version is 13 millimeters closer to the road than the other versions, so that curiosity must be due to the color.

Fiat 500X sports car

The chrome-plated dual exhaust, wide rear bumper and LED lighting (head and fog lamps) also give the Fiat 500X Sport a sporty look. And the inside is also sporty. Dark headliner, sporty-looking seats, a 3-spoke sports steering wheel with flattened bottom as real sports cars often have; it’s all there.

Black Alcantara seating

For 600 euros, the steering wheel is partly covered with black Alcantara, exactly where you should hold the steering wheel (a quarter to three). The cover of the instrument cluster is then also covered with the pleasantly touching suede-like fabric. You also get aluminum pedals, an aluminum footrest and entry lighting. All things that make the interior of the Fiat 500X Sport look just that little bit more sporty. Sporty red stitching in the leather of the steering wheel completes the picture.

Fiat 500X sports, not Supersport

The Fiat 500X Sport largely lives up to its sporty look. The 1.3-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine delivers 110 kW/150 hp. You can reach 100 km/h from standstill in 9.1 seconds. The top speed is 200 km/h. Nothing wrong with that, but a ‘normal’ Fiat Tipo 1.4 is hardly slower. Doesn’t take away from the fact that you can have an extremely smooth driving style. And after all, the 500X is called Sport, not Supersport.

500X 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission

The 500X Sport feels lively, steers pleasantly direct (Fiat has adapted the steering) and has firm suspension without becoming uncomfortable. A 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is standard. The machine is a bit restless. And the moment you step on the accelerator, it pauses for a moment before doing what you want it to do. However, if you are not too abrupt with the accelerator, the automatic transmission switches on seamlessly and it is fine to live with it. A manual gearbox is possible, but only in combination with the less strong 1.0 petrol engine (84 kW/115 hp).

500X leg space

We have known the Fiat 500X without Sport addition for a while. The compact crossover will be launched in 2015 and will receive its current form in 2018 after a modest facelift. It has not yet become very popular in the Netherlands. While you can regularly spot the 500X in its home country Italy. Pluses are the playful design, the comfortable handling and the interior space, although a little more legroom would be welcome in the rear seat.

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Fiat 500X Sport cost

With the arrival of the Sport version, you will not suddenly encounter the Fiat 500X much more often, we think. It is not the car, which offers enough advantages such as more than sufficient power, a good chassis, a neat interior (the hard plastics that you encounter here and there do not affect the quality of the whole), a pleasantly operable multimedia system and plenty of space. Take one at the Rosso Seduzione and you’ll also have a very exclusive ride.

The prices of the Fiat 500X Sport start at 28,590 euros (84 kW/115 hp). The 1.3 Sport driven by us with 110 kW/150 hp is available from 31,590 euros.

Fiat 500X 1.3 Sport (2020) – How sporty is it exactly? | AutoRAI TV

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