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Netherlands jammed Tuesday morning by traffic jams

September 27, 2022

Morning rush hour Sept. 27, 2022

Heavy rain caused Tuesday’s morning rush hour to be quite busy. Around 8:30 a.m., there were as many as 934 kilometers of traffic jams on Dutch roads, making it one of the busiest morning rush hours of the year. In all, there were 172 traffic jams, according to the ANWB traffic center.

Busy highways

Spread across the entire A2, it was jammed for nearly 80 kilometers. On the A27 alone, traffic jams totaled more than 60 kilometers. On the A12, A28, A50 and A59 freeways, there were more than 40 kilometers of traffic jams each. Causes were mainly accidents and the heavy rainfall. Rainy weather will continue for the next few days. The advice is to work from home whenever possible.