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Alpine A424_β goes into production, but only for track use

June 9, 2023

Alpine A424_β and Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi

For a change, we let Laurent Rossi, Alpine CEO, talk about the Alpine A424_β. This is his story about this future Hypercar for the top class of endurance racing.

Endurance racing is entering a new golden age. We at Alpine look forward to making our contribution. After ten years of collaboration with our long-time partner Signatech, we are beginning a new chapter in our adventure in this fascinating racing discipline.

Since its founding by Jean Rédélé, Alpine’s goal has been clear: to reach the top. We are doing everything we can to get there. As a result of our ambitious strategy, we are one of the few brands to have competed simultaneously in several FIA World Championships over the past three years. All thanks to the introduction of innovative regulations that allow us to create synergy between our programs.

Alpine’s ambitions – born of healthy competition – are alive and growing. Motorsports is not just a hobby, it is in the veins and DNA of our “band of racers. Forty-five years after our historic victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, our presence here is no accident. This is further emphasized with the unveiling of the Alpine A424_β, the precursor of our hypercar, designed to challenge the best competitors from 2024.

The new prototype meets our brand values on all fronts, follows in the footsteps of previous creations such as the Alpenglow and the A290_β, and casts a glance into Alpine’s future. The car looks punchy, elegant and distinctive with its symbolic and iconic design. It embodies both our present and our future, thanks to the close involvement and investment of our designers during the development process.

This project has been a huge human adventure for almost two years, promoting our ambitions beyond the circuit. Our staff and partners work tirelessly together to ensure that the car is a resounding success. Optically it is already a success and we are working hard to make it a sporting success from 2024 as well.

Of course, we do not underestimate the task ahead of us in this exciting challenge. We remain humble but determined to assert ourselves on both sides of the Atlantic. We hope to offer all motorsports fans wonderful and epic duels, and we only have one thing to say to them: see you at the track!”